Our company needs the quality standard system ISO 9000 within this year, do we really need consulting assistance and how should we do for the best?

Generally, every person or company has intellectual and high knowledge and is capable to manage to achieve their demanding quality standards without any consulting assistance, but usually there are some weakness such as ineffectiveness, too many unnecessary models and try and error practices. All of these waste more time, cost more money, cause the employees to get bored and even lose their dedication.
            Using consulting service does not automatically guarantee the result, it still depends on the professionalism and qualification of the consulting agency, what method or what model that they will use to stimulate the company to ensure that the offered training courses may improve the skill of the employees and guarantee the achievement of the quality standards successfully.

Mostly employees are still thinking that the implementation of any quality standard to the current working conditions is just "much ado about nothing" so they are not showing willingness to participate at all. How should we do change this attitude?

It is an understandable and natural attitude. We cannot force them in our way. Things we can do are:
            - Design the model application with approaches to the natural human attitude or based on personnel-oriented.
            - Apply the most suitable compact application model. One thing that employees dislike most is messy business.
            - Do it well and do it with fun.

Our company is looking forward to get certification of ISO 14001 and TIS 18001, we would like to know which way is the best to avoid overlapping and ineffectiveness procedures.

Some items consist of similar elements but some are completely different. To make it proceed faster and easier we absolutely need to merge the similar elements into one integrated model.


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