O.S. Colorful Group Co., Ltd.

     Our company has been seeking to achieve the quality standard system. Considering our employees are mostly the local residents, we are looking for the consultant company that can provide experts who are highly experienced in communication and teaching, so that the employees will be able to understand and keep up with the course.

The consultant experts wholeheartedly and persuasively encouraged every participant who joined to make them improve their skills. While we applied for the ISO 9000, we also decided to achieve standard system ISO 14000 and TIS 18000 in the same time. Those 3 standards are integrated and relevant to one another, and for all of them our company was able to be qualified within only 9 months. It really saved our time and avoided unnecessary procedures.

Respondent :   Mr. Surasak Sakullertvattana, executive
    Mr. Suphachai Sakullertvattana, executive

Thai PAC Industry Co., Ltd.

     " Advanced Nav completely understood our demands and offered a direct solution we needed. We received their consultancy that was obviously more effective than other companies' consultancy and the offered training course really matched our necessities for further development. Their assistance was a great advantage for us.

Respondent :   Vet. Wichien Thammawijitdaj, Executive and Factory Manager

     " " from its reputation, Advanced Nav had proven itself as a consultant agency with fully dedicated personnel and excellent knowledge in giving advice about quality standard system ISO 9000. Our chief executive officer has trusted this company to give lectures and training courses to our employees in order to reach the quality standard system ISO 9000 consistent with business operation. Through their guidance, ISO 9000 has been implemented without any problem. Our company is aware of the importance of personnel development, so we keep providing them with innovative knowledge. We hope this could be a great and continuous benefit for our company.

Respondent :   Mr. Sedthapol Tonsumrong, QMR - Thai PAC Industry

Kinik Thai Co., Ltd.

     To implement quality management systems, it is necessary to get assistance from the qualified consultant to ensure:
          "the accuracy of determined achievement, to avoid time wasting and boredom that triggers giving up of the participating employees.
          "to get the training course to enhance knowledge, skill in analysis and problem solving.
          "to avoid the risk of overlapped course contents.
     Although, employees must firstly adapt themselves to the new standard, recently their performance is improved and more systematic. After receiving the certification, our company is getting better to pass accreditation of Mor Or Kor (Thai Industrial Standard or TIS), furthermore, our customers rely more on our company as well as our products.

Respondent :   Mr. Ekachai Asavachaisophon, General Manager
    Mr. Sommai Janphen, Factory Manager



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