Expert consultants and supporting teams
The consultants we assign to your organization will have extensive and diverse experience in consulting and training within your particular business sector. You will be working with professionals who understand your industry and your business needs.

  "Client Center" Concept
      Our quality service is complemented by the concept of a "Client Center" that is tailored to suit each client. Our team will focus on the particular requirements of each client, to ensure the successful implementation of our recommendations.

  Flexibility & On Time Delivery
      We believe that meeting or exceeding the needs and expectations of our clients by providing quality service is paramount. This will ensure your full satisfaction. Flexibility in meeting your requirements is important to us, and we will endeavor to process your application through to certification as fast as you require. We are committed to meeting your schedule to ensure on-time delivery.

  Friendliness & Support
      We have no preconceived ideas on how you should make your business processes meet national or international quality standards. We acknowledge that as it is your company, you will know the best way to apply the requirements of the standards to suit your business. Our role is to assess whether your management system does in fact comply with the relevant national or international standards. We will also highlight any issues to your immediate attention, and to recommend the best ways in which your current management system and operations could perhaps be improved.

  Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
      This is a key word in this new millennium. Companies are increasingly challenged by rapidly changing political, economic and social events that can be difficult to keep up. The world is ever changing, and it will continue to change at a faster pace. Our goal is to keep our clients satisfied and to help them get ahead of their competitors with sound and consulting services.

  Adding Value to Quality Service
      We charge a reasonable fee. We have been proven to charge the most reasonable rates in the market compared to our competitors. In addition, we offer the best solution to our clients.

  Long Term Commitment to Service
      All our consultants are competent, knowledgeable, are specialists in their respective fields, and have extensive experience. It is our commitment to take care our clients' needs until a project has been satisfactorily completed. To ensure the full satisfaction of our clients, refreshment programs are also available to maintain the approval quality for as long as possible.

  Save Cost
      We realize that every organization is unique, so we provide you with a reasonable and accurate quotation that takes into account all aspects of your needs and expectations. Completing an application form places you under no obligation whatsoever. It simply ensures that our quotation reflects the needs of your organization. Our fee structure is clearly communicated to you prior to signing an agreement.

  Advanced Club - For Satisfied Customers
      This special members' only club is arranged for our privileged clients. We offer free annual membership fee. Free updates and information on maintaining your quality systems are delivered regularly via e-mail or any convenient modes of communication.

  Variety of Expert Services
       ANAV's first priority is to collaborate with you to understand your needs and to develop a comprehensive approach to meet those needs. Staff members are specialists who draw on industry experience, training, and practical knowledge to conduct accurate evaluations and assessments of your quality systems that provides data to assist you in strategizing solutions for increased efficiency and unparalleled quality.

       Your success is what drives ANAV. Our first responsibility is to our client, and our intense focus on providing you with the highest quality service will never waiver. After having a thorough understanding of your company and your needs, we put our industry-specific knowledge to work to implement a timely, cost-efficient program tailored to meet your needs. We believe that one size never fits all, and that it never will. We will not compromise on this belief.


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